Friday, February 19, 2021

Review: Tribes of Europa ep1

I was quite on the fence about watching Tribes of Europa since it seemed like nothing new to me, it reminded me highly of Into the Badlands and The 100 from the trailer. Even the war paint is similar to grounder's war paint in The 100 and they have a similar setting with the groupings of people as Into the Badlands. Only difference? People don't speak English (at least some don't).

Here's what I thought after having seen the first episode: as guessed, nothing new. It seemed to basically be what I thought, though toward the end it had quite a bit of unnecessary over violence (gore). Even if Into the Badlands is mainly people fighting and killing one another I never really felt the gore was out of place, in Tribes of Europa there's a scene which I feel was quite unnecessary, it didn't add - it was just shock value.

The series takes place approximately 50 years after a blackout which left everyone to fend for themselves outside of tech. And even it if it's 2074 same shit is same shit, men still rule everything and women seem to be commodities (SPOILER: there's a scene where a bunch of women looking drugged up sits around, quite much looking like prostitutes). I mean, come on, why can never dystopian futures actually have some thinking here, why is it that they have never evolved when it comes to gender equality? Give me a dystopian where there for one are more women and they are in more powerful positions (too).

The episode did however have a brief dialogue that checks off everything in the Bechdel test, almost a bit on the nose actually, like someone made an effort to write it in there just so it would pass the test. One woman says the name of the other and tells that woman what to do, to which the other woman responds with first woman's name and that she will do as ordered. And that is the ONLY dialogue where to women speak of anything else than men, in fact I can only recall one other dialogue between two women and they spoke about a man.

In other words, there is a serious scarcity problem with women, at least in this first episode. And not all of them make it through the first episode either.

So after having watched this first episode, my sentence: meh.

I will see at leat one more episode before I decide if it's worth continuing since it wasn't THAT bad but if it doesn't pick up soon then yeah scrap pile because there's nothing unique about this so far, it just takes the same old same old and reshape it a bit.

2,5 stars of 5.

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