Sunday, August 05, 2018

Regal Academy - Rose is a shitty person

I've been watching the kid show Regal Academy lately, just go have something easy between all the dark and grim series I watch. Today however I came to a tipping point.


In episode 10 season 1 Rose brings her fairytale collection to school and starts growing it mid-class... (which is a whole other issue) and she realises that all the humanlike animals actually have something on to make them so.

How she stumbles over this? By trying to take Puss in Boots earring, like, she goes up to him and says it's pretty and that she wants it. WHO DOES THAT? And instead of properly waiting for a reply she snatches it from his ear and he POOF turns into a small cat.

Her friends come and explain to her that everyone who looks like an animal but talk and walk like a human all wears something to make them this. Normal person would go: "Huh, cool". Rose however goes crazy, she has to check this theory. So, she runs out and takes the glasses off the duck guy in her class (AGAIN, WHO DOES THIS?) and then runs to the whale guy in her class just as he sits down on a dragon to fly away... and snatches his pin... so on top of a dragon he turns into a gigantic blue whale.

Her friends? Oh, they don't stop her or anything. The only one that actually does something is one of the teachers who take her fairytale collection as punishment. No comment about how you do not treat people like this, how you do not go up to them and take something from them? Nope.

The whale guy also had ALL the shrinking sugar they needed for potions class, which landed in the water together with him. Rose says she's sorry to her friends and instead of telling it like it is they're like "we will fix this together, what are friends for?" which is TOTAL BULLSHIT. I didn't watch much more after that, because I was rolling my eyes too hard.

And this is supposed to be for kids? About a shitty person who cares more about her fairytale collection than for other living and breathing creatures? Hell no. This was last straw for me, because even though it has been kind of cute it has some serious animation issues (for example that Rose backpack disappear and reappear).

Regal Academy gets 1 star from me, and that's because I'm nice.

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