Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Expanse s2 ep 5 - OH HELL NO [spoilers]

Read a few reviews after watching The Expanse season 2 episode 5 and I can agree to some of what is being written but other things I just cannot agree with. There's a scene in the show which some has described as beautiful, I say it was creepy, awkward and just NOPE. It was nothing beautiful about it.

[Spoilers below]

Miller is going to the core of Eros with his little nuke bomb. Eros is speeding fast toward Earth, risking the lives of everyone there. Miller realises a part of Julie's consciousness is still there, connected to Eros and the protomolecule. He says if he can talk to her he can stop her. So far, so good.

He follows a protomolecule bird (like why would she lead him the way, they have no previous connection - at least not on her side, this is just weird) into a room where he finds Julie. She's made of protomolecule, she's blueish and slightly transparent. She looks like she's laying in a dentist chair with loads of tubes attached to her body, everywhere. She's naked, but without nipples (and I'm assuming a southern region like Barbie). Almost floating, her hair flying. She looks very vulnerable and she says she wants to go home, she miss home (on Earth). It's like talking to a young girl with homesickness. A young girl in a naked woman's body, a woman who Miller has a crush on even though he's never met her, only when she was already dead. An idea of a woman he's never even had a conversation with.

The fact that Miller has a crush on her and that she's naked and vulnerable makes this scene already a bit cringey. But, and here is what other people rave as beautiful, Miller talks to her, caresses her cheek... and sacrifices himself for her. He embraces her and KISS her, which she let him do (why?). He lays his head on her chest in those last few seconds we see of them. She goes along. And then cut scene to Eros hitting down on Mars instead of Earth. I did not see this as a beautiful scene, it made me uncomfortable.

Sure, great that catastrophe was averted but... it gave me a bad aftertaste. A man taking advantage of a situation with a woman he has a crush on from chasing her all around space after seeing a photo of her and then her dead naked body. And now, he meets her (almost) in the flesh! Miller could finally touch and kiss the object of his desires, the idealised Julie Mao.

I like The Expanse overall, mostly because of the fantastic acting by Shohreh Aghdashloo as Chrisjen but this NOPE. I am so tired of naked women in sci-fi and men adoring them, or getting their way with them. Just no.

This sank the whole episode for me. This was a low point.

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