Sunday, February 18, 2018

Violet Evergarden, age does matter

Violet Evergarden is a somewhat cute anime that has hit Netflix and I quite liked it until last week when I got two bad surprises in one episode (s1ep5). First, that Violet, the main character, is only 14... like whaaaat? Ok, I thought she was at least 16 from look/behaviour and how everyone is treating her (and the fact that she isn't in school). Now all of the sudden the last words of Gilbert, her guardian since years back, becomes less heart warming. He told a 14yo girl he's been guardian over for years that he loved her. Eh...

Second surprise was worse, it was the plot of the whole episode. It was about a princess who had fallen for a prince when she was 10 and he 20! She was now engaged to him and they wrote public love letters to each other and she's now 14. I mean... ok I have nothing against two consenting adults of 10+ age difference dating each other but she was 10 when they met for the first time (on her birthday when her parents paraded her around like a well bred horse to men, which is a whole other issue). Like... no, just no.

And nowhere in this episode did ANYONE feel like "Hey this isn't ok" but everyone was rooting for their relationship. If a 24yo would try shit with someone under 15 in Sweden (where I live) they could go to jail, in Violet Evergarden they get married*... apparently. The prince is clearly a paedophile, just sayin, so not such a romantic episode after all no matter how you try to frame it.

*Well aware this happens in other areas of the world, child marriage is never ok. Just to clarify.

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