Saturday, February 17, 2018

Race to the edge s6ep5 - can you quit that shit?

How To Train Your Dragon has a series by the name Race to the Edge and here Netflix has just released season 6 and of course I'm watching*, but episode 5 really peeved me.

Ok, so the premise is that the twins has to go through some trials to become fully fledged Thorstons but since only one of them can get the honour they decide not to go through with the trials. But, their cousin try to coax them into entering. To Ruffnut he says that she should do it and win for her brother, give him the win because she will be ok but he will be a homeless outcast without the family name. So far, so good. But, when the cousin speaks to Tuffnut he says that without the family name his sister won't get married, she won't have a dowry yadayada...

I know it's supposed to be viking era but COME ON, seriously, the worst that can happen to Tuff is that he becomes homeless but to Ruff it's that she won't be able to marry? Talk about stereotyping. What annoys me is that this is aimed toward kids and they spew this kind of shit. Like, neither Ruff or Astrid has focused on family life, they're awesome as they are and skilled fighters so why not use something else, why go that sad shitty very walked road?

I just wish they could have taken another route, I mean, they could have just as easily used the same reasoning as they did with Tuff - that she could become homeless and outcast! Uuuurgh!

*If you're one of the adults who can't watch an animated show without a kid nearby I pity you.

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