Friday, February 09, 2018

Initital thoughts Altered Carbon (Netflix show)

Two episodes into Altered Carbon I can say it's glossy and fancy and such, it has an interesting mystery BUT I am so effin tired of these dystopian stories where women are trash, used and less than. I am so tired of women in series like these getting full frontal in every episode and fan service camera shots (like the one of Ortega in bed or the corpse in the water).

And no, it doesn't even out because we see one guy's dick or the chest of other men. I mean, we see more of the intro-woman surrounded by a snake than we do first time we see Tak in water!

I know the series is based on a book but I'm just so over this crap. I will continue to watch because of the overall story but it's basically a spank bank show just like GoT in the early days.

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