Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Reign season 3 [SPOILERS]

[There will be spoilers here, bookmark, watch the show and come back later]

So... I just finished the last episode of season 3 of Reign. Overall I felt this season was lacking a bit, it felt all over the place and rushed, like they wanted to tell too much. I liked previous seasons more. What makes me wonder how season 4 will be is the fact that they killed off two beloved characters back to back in the last episode. Ok, so we didn't see Leith die all together, there is still a very slim chance but from the setup with Claude with her dress and him lying on the ground bleeding his gut out it seems he probably is dead (or it might be a rouse), but season 4 will tell.

Greer went away with her husband earlier in the season, Lola was beheaded (how I cried!) and Leith stabbed. I loved Leith and Claude together, I wanted to explore their story more especially since we lost the love story between Francis and Mary in this season too (which I surprisingly miss).

Greer and Lola were favourites of mine. I wanted more of their stories. I wanted more of Lola and Narcisse. I wanted more overall for this season! Ugh. If they keep knocking off characters like this who will be left? I mean, even Bash left, do we even get to follow him next season?

Also, nothing against the actress herself but Rachel Skarsten really don't fit as Elizabeth I. Maybe it's just costume, hair and makeup that does it but when I see her she doesn't seem regal enough, not enough Elizabeth... now when I think about it it's most likely hair and outfits, they don't seem as polished as for example Catherine's or Mary's, she more seem to be a fourth member of the witches in Hocus Pocus.

Another also! What's up with Elizabeth throwing around the word patriarchy? It sounded more like the writers wanted to appease or attract young feminists because really it could have been said in so many other ways rather than actually straight forward saying that they live in a patriarchal world (several times). Poor writing.

Conclusion. I'm unsure about upcoming season 4. They better step up their game.

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