Saturday, November 05, 2016

NaNoWriMo, day 5

First session today went all right, I did however delete several paragraphs because I didn't want it to go that way so I had to redo, it thus took a bit over an hour. If hadn't deleted I would have kept within the hour and I managed to cram out a bit over 1k. Yay!

Second session was after dinner (see, I'm learning!) and that flew by since I had already plotted that section last night so I knew what I wanted to happen and how. I didn't write the full hour because I had already met my daily goal. I only wrote out as much of the dialogue as I had thought out before bed. So tomorrow I'm venturing into unknown territories again.

They have now met the witch!

Too tired to elaborate more about today. Only thing I can say is that first session was stiff and needs to probably be edited up to shape a lot (or even cut or changed) but the second session I rather liked, except the beginning.

Day 5: 2094 words (less sweat, tears and blood today!)
Total word count: 12 454
Target, day 5: 8333

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