Saturday, November 19, 2016

NaNoWriMo, day 19

Oh hey, it went better today. I managed to capture some more magic and mystery and for the first time in ages I wrote 2h only to get even more than the 2k goal. Oh how I've missed the feeling of getting words down within my time limit.

I feel like I've managed to get the Sinnoba and Rhula relationship pretty good. I also like how I make Rhula nice one second just to give her darker intentions the next, she really do walk on a sword edge with her behaviour - just as planned.

Today it feels much better than yesterday. I still feel though that this is a whole different story in comparison to the one I would like to tell and I still think that would be easier to pull of in 1st POV as I wrote about in an earlier post today. I did however manage to capture a bit of it in my second session today.

I also managed to stretch this part way way more than I have others. I mean usually the whole thing they were there for would have been done and over by ages ago while now they haven't even begun doing it. I feel like I'm more back in my storyteller form again, we'll see how it goes tomorrow, no guarantees.

Day 19: 2379 words
Total word count: 44 585 words
Target, day 19: 31 666 words

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