Tuesday, November 01, 2016

NaNoWriMo 2016, day 1

And here we go again! Day 1 year 2016.

Last night I wrote for about 1h and 50 minutes straight, I was on a roll and I had fun but after that I felt it was time to break for the night at 2040 words. I had already met the day 1 goal of 1667 in one sitting.

So I thought to myself that I should do my usual 1k x2 to get ahead in case of unforeseen shit happening during November. After some sleep I did. My first sitting I had a crazy roll, I think it's even a personal record of mine: 1360 words in 58 minutes which landed me on 3400 words. I stopped with two minutes left because I like even numbers.

Since I'm clearly crazy I sat down 1,5h later and crammed out 700 words in approximately a bit over a half our, and that's after deleting and rewriting the last paragraph! I decided to stop there for the day. I reminded myself it's a marathon not a short distance run so I shouldn't wear myself out now the first few days so I stopped at 4100 words even though I didn't use the full hour as planned.

Now however I get crazy ideas about sitting down to write because "it's just 900 words until 5000, which is the next badge". That is not something I would say normally since I usually don't crank out 4k in a day. It would be nice though to start my day tomorrow by buying a 2l coca-cola as I have promised myself when I hit 5k.

Anyway. Today I had fun, it was imaginative and the words ran out of me, except for the last paragraph so I think it was a good idea to stop when I did.

Day 1: 4100 words
Total word count: 4100 words
Target, day 1: 1667 words

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