Monday, October 17, 2016

Timeline all over the place [Bones]

Most TV series have some sort of linear setup even if time can fluctuate a bit, it's not like everything takes place on a Thursday just because the shows air on a Thursday and so on. However some times a year it usually align up to our timeline, usually around a holiday like Christmas (considering the Christmas break for US shows) with a Christmas episode.

That is why I've been so perplexed by Bones which seem to be all over the place time wise. One can never truly know what time of year they're supposed to be in or how much time have passed since last episode. In s9ep16 it's Christine's birthday and last time we saw her she was much younger (and had curly hair which is now straight) and now she talks full sentences and run around without a problem. I've seen discussions online about how old she's supposed to be there.

They say it's her first birthday party so it would make sense if she was 1, since that is when most people have their first birthday party (naturally) but she's much older than that. She's also not 2 years old since that would require a younger actress than we see in the episode. She might be 3 or perhaps 4 but then my question is, why hasn't she gotten a birthday party before that?

There are so many stuff like that which annoy me with Bones. Like something big happens in episode A and then it can go up until episode D before it's brought up again or seem to affect the relationships between the characters. Example: Pelant popped up like a jack in the box now and then but between those episodes there was nothing about him, not a comment about still trying to find him or if this might be Pelant's work. I feel the TV series Castle did much better on this, if it was a case that was ongoing or unfinished it popped up once in a while to still show the characters hadn't forgotten about it (Kate's mum's death for example).

I think a lot was explained about Bones when I stumbled over this quote on TVLine by exec producer Stephen Nathan:
“Before viewers start to do the math to determine her exact age and yell at us, please remember the Bones world is not linear and does not proceed week to week as the show does. Trying to determine specific dates and times is a fool’s errand in a fictional world. That said, enjoy the party! Booth and Brennan do.”

And yeah, I don't mind some jumping around in time but when it's gone like two years in one year it's starting to be a bit soap opera style on the time line. In soap operas it's not unusual for someone to get pregnant in episode A to be popping it out in episode B and then the kid is a teenager by episode F.

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