Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bones and the anticlimax capture of Pelant and Ghost killer

As usual, SPOILERS if you have not seen up to Bones s9ep22.

All right, so I have now watched the wrapping of the Ghost killer arc and eh, anticlimax again just as with Pelant. I'm so tired of things being so neatly and easy wrapped up. Sure they kind of showed Brennan being puzzled by the remains Pelant have mentioned but that wasn't for long. And then this episode where we went from "Oh no it's the Ghost killer again" to "Oh look the Ghost killer is dead", which basically has the same story formula as the wrap up episode with Pelant. I wanted more struggle, more climax!

Also, the minute we saw Stephanie standing there waving at Hodgins and Sweet I knew she was the Ghost killer, it just felt right. I was expecting an arrest in the same episode but nah, they wanted to drag the shit out a bit more. I felt it was really obvious after her brother's death when she didn't seem to be all that upset that all the males of the family were now dead, she saw it at something good.

It might also have been because I've seen the actress in Gossip Girl and she played a rich woman there too who sometimes didn't shy away from doing shitty stuff and being a bitch (though she never murdered anyone to my knowledge). It might have coloured my view on the character here and helped to identify her as the killer but really it's starting to be easier and easier to figure out who the killer is - they need to come up with a more complex case soon I feel because all of them are set up the same way and it's kind of boring. Now I'm basically just watching to be able to finish it off, I hate to leave things unfinished.

I want more climax in this show, especially when they catch someone that has been in several episodes and eluding them. Pelant and Ghost killer were both so disappointing. Here is something the writers should have looked at Castle for help, there they have a build up, a middle, a crescendo and THEN a great capture where you feel "YEAH, SUCK IT!". In Bones I only feel "Well, now that's over *shrug*".

I know I compare Bones with Castle a lot but that's because they're a bit similar type:
1. female main character who is talented, goal oriented and is excellent at her job
2. work together with a good looking male main character who is more easy going, helps the viewer into the world that the former is accustomed to (for example dead bodies)
3. they first have a will they won't they relationship but they end up together
4. they solve crimes together with focus on murders
5. it's usually one case wrap up per episode with some story arcs over several episodes

See where I'm coming from? I know though this isn't an original idea, it's been done several times over but these two are the most similar I've seen. I just think though that Castle does it better. I do however hope that the last couple of seasons will be better of Bones, we'll see...

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