Monday, October 31, 2016

Soon NaNoWriMo

First time I'm actually waiting on the time to strike midnight between 31st and 1st, usually I'm busy and decide to sit down a bit to get at least something down. This time I've rehashed the beginning in my head so many times that I feel it will crash and burn when I try to get it down on paper in 30 minutes when I'm allowed to do so.

I don't know, I feel overall uncertain this time because I'm venturing into unknown territory both with genre and content. If worse happens I will just spew 50k crap and never look back after November but I hope not. Maybe I don't even have enough story to get myself from 0-50k? Who knows.

The nerves, the nerves right now! It's less than 30 minutes away and I both want to get started and yet not because then it means I'm stuck doing this for days, for weeks! And in the middle of all that I need to live my life and honour my chores as ML for my region.

For some reason, I feel more nervous this year than last, or maybe it's just my imagination that I am, maybe I'm equally nervous?

It will be fine.
It will be fine.
It will be fine.

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