Thursday, October 13, 2016

NaNoWriMo 2016

I realised just now that I haven't, as I usually do mentioned that I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year: third time!

I don't know but I have this gnawing feeling that I might not hit 50k this year, unsure why since I have given myself a project which I can space out however much I want. Maybe it's irrational feeling or maybe it has something true to it, it is after all the third year and somehow I feel my winning streak cannot continue to infinity.

Anyway. This year I will be writing on a children's book idea I had last summer but never fully did something with since I've been so occupied with writing Magnolia. I thought it was time to give my brain a break from all the intrigue and give it some childish imagination and fun.

My story is about a girl who searches for her sister who ran away 5 years ago, with her is her crazy and lager than life grandma. They travel around the world and meet people, see monuments and learn more about our world while trying to find the sister. Oh and they also have a sock wearing seagull with them who only the girl can understand. ;) Perfect mix of crazy and normal I say.

What is tripping me up though is deciding where they should go, what they will do there and why they go to those places plus how they at the end actually find the sister. But mostly I'm wondering how I should explain the view from the Eiffel tower through the eyes of a 10yo when I have never been there myself.

In other words, this book is the best excuse for me to travel around to a lot of places so I can describe them better to my reader. When I have cash it's on the top 5 of things I want to do.

As usual you'll be able to follow my progress here on the blog in November, if you want to read old posts you'll find them all under 'NaNoWriMo'-tag, that also includes Camp sessions.

Are you participating in NaNo this year?

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