Saturday, October 22, 2016

Favourite characters on Bones

1. Caroline Julian
I love her, she's amazing. She tell it like it is and she doesn't back away from anything, she's bad ass and she's there when you need her.

2. Dr Hodgins
I love how dedicated he is to his field, how much he loves all kinds of slime and dirt, it's inspirational to see someone get excited by a bug. He also seem like a great guy, Angela really took the jackpot there.

3. Dr Sweets
He gets a lot of shit for his profession but he seems quite good at what he does, especially later when he's not a fresh newbie. I like that he's an onion that you peel and get to know more and more, like him being a bad ass chess player.

4. Wendell Bray
Don't you just want to hug him?

I had planned to have five characters but I cannot decide on a fifth one. I liked Angela in the first seasons but now she's rather dull, her character doesn't stand on its own two feet anymore but is just support to Brennan. Cam I want to like but she's just all right in my book. Maybe Arastoo or Fisher but hm... nah. I guess there will be only 4 for now. Maybe I will change my mind when I have finished the series.

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