Saturday, September 24, 2016

Thoughts on Bones s1ep2 - The Man in the SUV

Since Netflix is lacking on series I would really like to watch I have taken up watching Bones which I usually just watch on TV if there is nothing else on. Anyway, what I wanted to discuss today was what happened in s1ep2 "The Man in the SUV".


Right off the bat they go with the theory that the man who has blown up in his car and injured a lot of people is a terrorist. I have several issues with this.

They hype on the fact that people have declared war on the US... that some Muslims have declared war, you know the standard stuff to raise up the fear in the US citizens (watching the show). Every time this kind of storyline is in a crime show (and sooner or later it usually is) it just cannot be about the terrorist, they also (always) have to make it into a propaganda thing about how evil these people are and that they threaten the American way of life but that they will not let evil win. It's like the military itself uses TV shows for their own agenda to fuel the fear in people.

Aligned with above they went directly on the hypothesis that the guy was a terrorist because him and his car blew up near a café and hurt people. Why they went to this? The guy was a Muslim and Afghan. If it had been an white dude with blonde hair they would have directly worked on the theory that someone had killed him and THEN if that was a dead end they would look into him possibly being a terrorist. In the end the Muslim guy wasn't a terrorist, he was killed by his brother who was a terrorist.

And lastly, of course you need to serve up a terrorist at some point if you have started that storyline, it would be an anticlimax otherwise - the US people watching it expects there to be a terrorist which the good guy military/FBI/police kills before the person does harm to innocent (US) people. The watchers need to feel they've won.


I'm so used to seeing this storyline now because in every crime show I've ever seen there ends up being a terrorist storyline at some point. It surprises me though that they decided to go with this storyline so early. I felt this, if it had to be done, could have waited until later in the season instead of being the episode after the pilot.

Overall though after 8 episodes I give Bones a "eh it's all right", I'd say same level as Marco Polo and New Girl. In other words, I really need Netflix to give me something better to watch - soon.

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