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Frankenstein and his creation [Penny Dreadful]

First off all, if you have not watched Penny Dreadful up to s2 ep5 and you intend to watch the series I recommend you bookmark this, watch the series and come back later to read. Spoiler!

Victor Frankenstein as a character in Penny Dreadful I find interesting but I cannot stomach him with women, especially his creation Lily. First she was Brona, the big love of Ethan Chandler which was sick in consumption and Victor was called there as a doctor when she was really sick. This is where I started to dislike this character.

He tells Ethan to fetch water and then he suffocate Brona, who is already dying, to death while Ethan is gone. For what? To quicken the possibility to take her body for his own needs? It was selfish and mean to take away Ethan's chance to say goodbye.

And then he behaves like a horny teenage boy and touches her inappropriately while she's dead and prepared to be awoken again. We see this at one point but I can only assume that wasn't the only time since he touches her again, down the line of her scar, when she's freshly awoken.

What is the most troublesome though is that he doesn't treat her as an individual like he did with Proteus (creation number 2) but he molds her into his own dream girl. It's like giving someone a robot or a sex doll to dress and play with as they like, except this is an actual person. He dyes her hair blonde because he's sexually attracted to blonde women, he gives her dresses with high neckline (probably to not arouse him too much or others) and he put high heels on her because he likes women that way. He also, from the start, prep himself up for her with stories of how close they were and make sure that John (creation nr 1) doesn't get much time with her at all, despite the fact she was intended for him. He wants her and he makes everything to shape her into what he wants, not who she might be or will become and he makes her not independent but dependant on him.

Lily doesn't have her own opinion, she thinks/does/decides depending on what Victor says. That is completely different from Proteus whom he encouraged to investigate and learn by himself, there Victor was the scientist who observed.

In s2 ep5 Lily rushes to Victor because the thunder scares her. There she kisses him and he's reluctant at first but then she takes initiative to have sex and he follows suit, cue romantic music. This wasn't even remotely romantic to me, it felt more like a father abusing his daughter. Victor knows he's her creator, she doesn't, he has overstepped his boundaries as a human being and a scientist. I don't blame Lily, she's working with what she knows and has learned and that is that they're cousins (still wrong but much less wrong).

I find Victor Frankenstein despicable.

He abandoned his first creation because he scared him, that things weren't as he thought but he should have gone back later because the creation was his responsibility. He had intentionally pieced together a human being, awoken it from death and then left it on its own - you don't leave a baby without protection and guidance like that. Take the consequences of your actions! The only redeeming moment he, so far, have had was when he took care of Proteus, the only creation he treated fairly, but that's not even close to enough for me to like this character. I don't even find him interesting anymore, just a pile of shit.

Most of the time when I see Victor I want to punch him in the face, I cannot stand him. I find him somewhat sexist and a douchebag. I hope he die.

Disclaimer: I do, however, find the actor really good, he does a great job portraying the character.


[WARNING! Do not read beyond this if you have not seen all of season 2 of Penny Dreadful.]

Plot twist! She knew all along and played along... that. felt. so. good. In your face Victor! The scene when she reveals how she feels to John was so awesome but better yet was the scene in the finale when Victor pays her and Dorian a visit. Not only was it finally payback, it was also visually stunning scene. Mmm... so good.

Victor is still a scumbag though and his actions at the ball were such a jealous, abusive lover and I just wanted someone to tell him to not treat the woman like he owns her. So yeah, the fact that she knew all along what she was doing, the fact that she seduced him by her own will and played HIM felt tremendously good. She's a force to be reckoned with.

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