Thursday, January 14, 2016

100 Love Letters [join and share the love!]

I started the project "100 love letters" in 2014 where I hoped 100 people would write a letter and leave in a public space on Valentine's day.

BUT! Over 500 people wrote a letter. Afterwards several asked to make this an annual thing. 2016 is the third year of this love project.

Last year I named it "Love Letters Project" but people felt the original name was better so we're now back with "V-day project: 100 love letters" but of course I hope we will crush that goal just as previous years.

Write a love letter (not a post-it) in your own language and leave it somewhere in a public space, it can be on a bus, in a changing room, school or at the grocery store. You decide where!

How many?
One (1), but you are free to write as many more as you'd like.

To brighten someone's day

The letter should be left somewhere on February 14th (Valentine's day).

Want to join in?
Join the fb event or just comment below!

Need some tips and inspiration?
> Use a quote as starting point (maybe one from this list:
> Use a song as inspiration
> What would you want to read in a letter from a stranger? (write that)
> Write from your heart
> It doesn't need to be longer than one page but you can write more if you want to
> Keep it happy and positive
> Do not assume any struggles or who the person is

Note you do not need to write your name in the letter, you can write an alias or nothing at all.

Share photo of your letter/envelope!
Hashtag with #100loveletters on twitter, fb and instagram :)

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