Wednesday, November 04, 2015

NaNoWriMo report - day 4 (reaching 10k)

I hit 10k today as I hoped I would, feels great to be ahead two days. To be fair it feels great to hit 10k, I am now 1/5 done - crazy.

It went fairly well today except when I was to write my last 1k for the day and I didn't know what I wanted to happen next. I rewrote the paragraph a couple of times and then it dawned on me what must happen. I solved that by writing a scene that even left me on edge, basically a character is doing something forbidden and cannot be seen.

After my first hour I hit 8661 so I really felt I could probably manage to hit 10k today since well with 1k on top of that it wouldn't be much left until I did. With the second hour I reached 9539 which was 48 words shy of my daily goal of 2k.

After watching Grey's anatomy I sat down to continue on the scene mentioned above and I left the characters right then and there at 10 040 words. All in all I wrote 2 453 words today. Tomorrow the scene continues. Right now I am a little lost on what will happen after this scene but we'll see, I hope that will solve itself.

The writing itself went rather ok, it took some turns in the story I wasn't expecting to and right now I am unsure where to go from here, if I should jump to some events I have planned or not, I don't want to rush into them to soon but also not wait so long and write useless crap just to prolong the story and maybe not even be close to finishing when I reach 50k.

Goals reached:
10 000

Word count: 10 040.

Time adjusted to be on the correct date. This was actually written at 00:18.

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