Sunday, November 15, 2015

NaNoWriMo report - day 14 and 15

Yesterday it went so-so, at first I didn't know what I wanted with that scene at all, it was just a load of stuff that meant nothing and then I figured it out and managed to have a scene with substance after all. I wrote 2096 words. I dropped it in the middle of scene which I picked up and finished today.

Word count day 14: 32 119.

Today I continued on the scene I started yesterday and wrote two other scenes after that, one rather short and the other unsure since I dropped it in the scene since I was unsure what I wanted to happen next after some information had been given... or rather I am unsure what my character's course of action after learning these news will be. I managed to write 2076 words.

Word count today (15th): 34 195.

Time adjusted to be on the the 15th.

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