Thursday, September 10, 2015

Summer questions - how did I do?

You can read the original list here. I only evaluated the questions which refers to this summer below.

My plans for the summer:

I wrote that I would read books, go to the beach, write short stories, hopefully meet my parents, go to the city festival and write 10k on Camp NaNoWriMo.

I did fairly well actually, I read 6 books from June to August, I didn't write that many short stories though, I met my dad and I went to the city festival as planned and crushed my goal at Camp NaNoWriMo. I went to the beach three times: 1. walk around with my feet in the water 2. go there to bathe which I did 3. went to my favourite beach and walked in the shoreline but had hoped to bathe but didn't dare with all the jellyfish.

I also saw several exhibitions, one with Czech photographers, another with products for the future and a third with landscape photos. I went to a food festival.

How long am I going to be on vacation:
I kept on being unemployed all through summer, still is, so I made the best of it and travelled everywhere on my bus card that was valid all through the region.

What do I look forward to the most:
I didn't eat nearly as much strawberries as I had planned this year but they didn't look pretty at all, mushy and bleh but I got a fair deal of them. I only managed to bathe once and the warm summer days well they were not many but we got a few days in the beginning of July and a few in August.

What am I going to buy for the vacation:
I did buy a crossword magazine subscription, my plan was to lie on the beach solving crosswords, didn't really go as planned.

This I am going to listen to this summer:
Unfortunately I didn't get to hear much of the seagulls and waves this year, but I heard a lot of the TV series Rizzoli & Isles (love the intro/outro btw).

How I am going to hurt myself:
No mosquito bites this year, hurrah! And no injuries really, not even a sunburn.

What I worry about:
I was worried I wouldn't have fun but I did, I got lots of new experience from this summer, one being me and my dad walking up a steep staircase to get a great view of Gothenburg :)

How will I remember my vacation afterwards in September:
A very artful summer, just as I thought.

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