Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The last man left concept is so tiresome

They've been showing commercials for The last man on earth quite frequently a while now and every time I see it I wonder if there will ever be a series or movie about the last woman alive. I am so sick of seeing a male perspective on the whole "Oh wow I am the last person alive, I do hope I can find other survivors", that concept has been done over and over again.

Let me know when you want to refresh yourselves and make a comedy series about the last woman on earth (I can think of some awesome women to play that role if you need suggestions). I am also ok if you want to make a million dollar Hollywood movie about the last woman on earth too, just so you know.

P.s please don't let it be about makeup and other superficial shit you think women like, I want it to be a Sarah Connor (Terminator) kind of woman.

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