Sunday, July 19, 2015

My week in highlights

Monday: Most exciting today was that I wrote on my NaNo-novel

Tuesday: Tried writing at a café, which didn't go so well so I went home and rewrote and wrote the rest for that day. I did try a frappino for the first time (no, not one with coffee) with the flavour strawberry and watermelon which was quite refreshing. Watched Empire (Go Cookie go!).

Wednesday: I went to Kivik's fair where I bought some candy and got a Belgian waffle with chocolate and cream on my hands/wrists just as I was paying for it, the next one - less smashed from me trying to rescue it as it slid off the table - was tasty. Watched Call the midwife (season over).

Thursday: Slept late so didn't do much that day, I met a new friend for the first time though, we sat at a café at the station up until I helped her to her train back to Gotenburg.

Friday: I went to the food fair in Ystad and tried a vegetarian Nasi Goreng (Indonesian dish) which I really liked and went on a guided tour of Charlotte Berlin's museum (higly recommend it). I say it was a good day.

Saturday: From days of dust, air and all kinds of elements my eyes gave in after I had written approximatelt 1,7k words on my NaNo novel which I finally showed some love to, so I mostly spend the evening with eye drops and my eyes closed (torture). Watched Indian Summer.

Sunday (today): I went to see the exhibition Body Talk at Lunds konsthall, it is an exhibition with artists from different places in Africa that shows art with the focus point of feminism and the female body, some of it quite interesting and cool but other things I think I'm not high brow enough for. I then ate this summer's first soft ice cream which was apparently "home made" at the kiosk, rich and full taste - I like it.

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