Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Camp NaNo - day 27 to 28

Day 27: 1030 words
Day 28: 0 words

I had the idea to write every day up to 31st now since I started writing again on the 24th so I would be able to pull off 25k but today I forgot... I hoovered my whole apartment (it's been months!) and sneezed because of all the flying dust and felt like someone shoved sand in my eyes (the reason why I don't stir up the dust by hoovering it up) and I've been social online and looked up all kinds of things like organic hair dressers and watched Empire so it wasn't until just a moment ago I went "Oh shit".

On the upside I got in 1030 words yesterday and one of my characters did a turnaround in the hopes of pushing the other character into more shit but I don't think it worked. As predicted I managed to get passed 20k.

Word count: 20 737

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