Monday, July 27, 2015

Camp NaNo - day 22 to 26

Day 22: 0 words
Day 23: 0 words
Day 24: 1006 words
Day 25: 1373 words
Day 26: 1006 words

This weekend has been pretty good with the writing, especially after I got out of the escape chapter which I am sure I will expand on later, now I just rushed through it since I wanted to get on with the story. I finally did what I've been wanting to do: write one chapter in once character's point of view and then write the same scene in the other character's point of view - it was fun!

I'm quite sure I'm going to hit 20k but it would be so nice to reach 25k since that is half of what I need to reach when I write in November.

Word count: 19 707

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