Saturday, July 18, 2015

Camp NaNo - day 15 to 18 [reaching 15k goal]

Day 15: 0 words
Day 16: 0 words
Day 17: 0 words
Day 18: lost track of time and wrote 1725 words.

On the 15th I went to a fair, the biggest we have in Sweden it is claimed so I was way too tired when I got back to write anything. On the 16th I slept in late and met a friend for the first time, it was fun and on the 17th (yesterday) I went to a food fair and to a small museum of a bourgeois home (19th to early 20th century). Today was the first in several days that I had energy and time to write and oh did I write.

It wasn't until my eyes got dry and refused to function normally that I had to quit typing, it's a long but fun chapter to write - not entirely sure how everything is important in the long run but my character want to tell this story so I am letting her. I was aiming to reach 18k today to be on track date wise but I am happy with how much I managed to write.

I jumped from the stagnant 13 844 words to 15 569 words and with that I have crossed my second goal I set out for myself. I will try to reach 20k too but I will not up the word count. Whatever I get now is much better than expected.

I might write a little bit tomorrow if I don't go to the exhibition I am planning to see.

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