Monday, July 27, 2015

A culture nerd in the sports jungle

I've always been a culture lover but not so much a sports lover except the occasional yoga and pilates so the world of sports and sports wear have eluded me until now. Been pondering taking up running (mostly because I sound like a broken bagpipe when I walk up the stairs) and I've found a course with my favourite type of yoga: kundalini so today I looked into the world of sports wear.

I was lost the minute I started looking. On H&M website there is a running top and a yoga top and to me they look the same, I cannot for the life of me understand the difference. I also delved into the world of sports bras and realised that they come in different kinds of support nowadays: low, medium and high - which am I supposed to pick?!

Thankfully I didn't delve into shoes too, I did that a while ago and thankfully since I have tiny feet it wasn't that many to pick from when I clicked in 'running shoes' but I still don't know what the difference were between those and another pair of sports shoes I found.

I can just guess that a sport lover feel just as lost at an art gallery as I am in a sports store. We'll see if I follow through with this but I have this fear that I will go to yoga class with my jazz pants (same ones I had in PE in high school) and a baggy t-shirt and everyone else will look like they come straight out of a sports catalogue.

Sports lovers please bestow some of your knowledge on me! ;)

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