Saturday, June 20, 2015

Indian Summers [TV series]

I just watched the pilot of Indian Summers and I have to say it was a bit splotchy and neither here nor there while they tried to introduce the characters. I think it might have been better if they narrowed it down a bit instead of trying to start so many new threads and leave them shrouded in mystery, to intrigue the viewer I am guessing.

Now we all end up with more questions than anything else and a bit of an unsatisfied feeling. I cannot say much about any characters except skin deep stuff like: that one is a bitch and another is apparently Christian and so on, some I couldn't grasp at all except that they are somehow connected to another character but how and why and for how long I have no idea. It would have been nice with more anchoring of the characters than announcing so many in one go.

The concept of the series makes me want to see more, that and the character Ralph Whelan who I cannot pinpoint if he is good or bad guy or if he has a thing for his sister or what it is, it is just something about him that is off.

I will give the episode a 3 out of 5, so I'll bite on their bait and watch the next episode too but they better shine in episode 2 and not leave us hanging as much as they did now, more storytelling and letting us get to know the characters a bit more - at least some of the main ones.

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