Thursday, February 05, 2015

Crowd-funding a trip

I read on EFA's (European Festival Association) about Atelier GWANGJU 2015 which is a 7 day training programme for young festival managers from around the world. My jaw dropped at this fantastic opportunity since festival manager have been my dreams for years, to be frank, my dream have been to top Woodstock 1969 which has always been my dream festival to attend (which is impossible since I was born two decades too late).

It would mean I would meet 44 people from around the globe with the same goal and interest as myself, I would grow as a person and my experience/knowledge in organising festivals. What stops me is that the cost to attend is 2100 Euro ($2 407) and that is flight and transfer excluded which I think will be approx 636 Euro ($729) from what I have found.

First thing I did was to find scholarships and grants but I just found a few that might help me. A friend therefore said why not crowd fund the money? Why not I wondered.

The problem that arose was: what could I offer the contributors? It is there I am stuck at the moment. I need to figure this out asap because the deadline for application is 16th of February and I would prefer to have a few days to write it since they pick out 45 people to attend. I need to have explained to them in my application how I can get all the money on time.

If I am accepted I will know one month after and then the uphill of trying to get the money will start but we cross that bridge when we get there.

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