Saturday, January 17, 2015

Movies I would like to see in 2015

Violette - 16th of January [IMDb]

Big Hero 6 - 30th of January [IMDb]

The Theory of Everything - 30th of January [IMDb]

Selma - 6th of March (my birthday!) [IMDb]

Home - 27th of March [IMDb]

Minions - 3rd of July [IMDb]

Inside out - 28th of August [IMDb]

Spectre (James Bond) - 6th of November [IMDb]
Needless to say much, the next movie after Skyfall about James Bond.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay pt2 - 20th of November [IMDb]
Last movie about Katniss.

En man som heter Ove
- 25th of December [IMDb]
Swedish movie based on the book with the same name from the marvellous author Fredrik Backman. I cried and laughed myself through the book, hopefully I will do so through the movie too. I usually do not like Swedish movies, but this time I make an exception.

Movies that intrigue me:

Jupiter ascending
- 6th of February [IMDb]

The tale of the princess Kaguya - 2nd of April [IMDb]
Studio Ghibli movie based on a Japanese folk tale from around the 900th. Slightly different style of animation than usual but I think that is what makes it even more interesting.

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