Thursday, January 29, 2015

5 things about me x12

A list I translated to English, originally snatched up from Jennifer and Elsa's blogs.

5 things I usually say
- Yesbox
- Oh gawd
- Mhm
- Riiight
(I sound like a 14 year old...)

5 things I usually think
- I wish I had more money
- I'm thirsty
- Oh look, the sun!
- I wonder what...
- If only...

5 things I usually dream about
I rarely if ever remember my dreams, sadly.

5 things very few people know about me
- I owned over 200 plastic and porcelain dogs as a kid
- I have a tendency to kill new plants and then nurture them back to health
- I have always wanted to attend a Rainbow gathering
- I biked right into a lamp post when I was a kid
- I'm allergic to crayfish

5 things I love to do
- Discuss light and heavy subjects with friends
- Sit for hours at a café
- Work at music festivals
- Photograph nature
- Listening to the heartbeat of the one I love

5 things I want to happen before the end of the year
- I get a permanent job (indoors)
- Visit my grandma
- An upgrade of my closet's content
- I learn how to bake cinnamon rolls
- I get a new local friend

5 things I order abroad
Uhm, don't know actually except dinner wise it needs to be vegetarian.

5 things I miss in my closet
- long cardigans
- more skirts
- these t-shirts (and then my collection is complete)
- maxi dress
- black jeans

5 things that smell wonderfully
- pine cone forest
- sunny snow day
- anything that is in oven
- newly washed/tumbled dry and still warm clothes
- Music festivals

5 things I want to be better at
- photography / my camera
- macramé
- baking advanced things
- self esteem
- finding a job

5 things I laugh at
- silly puns (like this)
- This
- And this
- Oh, this!
- This one.

5 things that makes me me
- long hair
- I always fight for the underdog and less fortunate
- if someone asks me what I want to be remembered for in 100 years I will always say "For creating world peace" and mean it.
- I always try to help those in need
- I'm very creative

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