Thursday, November 20, 2014

Transgender Day of Remembrance: today

This day is about remembering and mourning the transgender people who have suffered hate crime, they are everywhere, in my country alone they were forced to sterilise up until last year! Transgender Day of Remembrance started after the murder of Rita Hester in 1998. 

I cannot tell you the perspective of a transgender person but in a Swedish debate article, I read today, it said that 65% of all young transgender people have considered committing suicide and 1/3 have tried. That is some awful numbers and that has to change, transgender rights is human rights. People should be able to be who they are without ridicule and threats of violence or death.

This day is important to highlight in my opinion, it's important because it lifts all those people we don't see, that needs to be seen, that needs to be treated just like everyone else.

In Sweden there are gatherings in Stockholm (Mynttorget) and Malmö (Triangeltorget) at 18:00 (6pm) today, if you know something happening in your town maybe go and show your solidarity.

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