Sunday, November 23, 2014

NaNoWriMo, day 23

Today I think I managed to write a bit of a record, in half an hour I wrote 812 words. I know I have pulled off 1k in 45 min before but I think this is a new record. Anyway, I felt like I came back to my way of storytelling again with beautiful scenery, that have gone a bit up and down in this book. Scenery description overall have been lacking I feel.

I seem to have a thing for falling snow and rain, well anything falling actually since a lot of my poems have had the theme of falling leaves. It is now New Year's Eve and it is snowing, chapter 8. It is exhilarating.

Stats today: 46 229 words which means I wrote 2015 words today.

I have realised that keeping it around 1k a pop and max 2k a day that means I get time to think of the story and to get a fresh look on what to do next every 1k. If I do NaNo next year I hope to keep that up since it has worked well for me so far this month.

I am hoping to hit 50k on Wednesday (since I have a job intro thing on Tuesday and might not get any writing done). Unsure if my story is done at 50k though since that is just 4k away (haha compare that to how daunting 4k seemed when I started!). I think my story might need up to 55k to wrap completely.

Unsure if I should validate it when hitting 50k or when finished, we'll see.

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