Friday, November 14, 2014

NaNoWriMo, day 14

I have now officially survived my first two weeks of NaNo and I have put my character through hell more than once and at least two more times will happen and I feel so sorry and want to hold her and say it is going to be all right. I feel awful for putting her through this.

Upside! I landed on 2073 today and therefore reached 31 317 words! I am having less words to write than I have already written, so crazy.

I am hoping I will get something written when I am away this weekend but I am not counting on it so being approximately 8k ahead of where NaNo recommends feels pretty great, I just hope I still will feel psyched about writing on Monday and that I can still feel the novel's vibe and not change too much if I have grown from throwing myself out there this weekend on a course with almost 80 people I don't know a single one of in another city so far away from home I cannot sleep in my own bed. Downside would be the gap in the diagram, it might work against me.

Oh and I went on a tangent when writing today, I might edit away a lot of it but I was inspired to write a lot about Giuseppe and his store, which has a very minor role (one scene) oh well, it was fun to write and that is what NaNo is about.

Don't forget btw, 1-30 of November it is 10% on notebooks with the code NANOWRIMO14 in my etsy shop

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