Tuesday, November 11, 2014

NaNoWriMo, day 11

Today it flooded out of me a bit, not as some of the days I've had but it felt a little easier at least though now I am approximately 400 words away from hitting my goal of 25k and even though I really tried earlier to keep on writing it was a stop, I didn't know what I wanted to happen, or rather I did but didn't know how to transition to that in a smooth way.

I might be writing a bit later tonight but I also don't want to write those 400 words just to get the badge and reach my goal, but I want those 400 words to have substance too. My last paragraph was shit so I fear that it might not have any substance if I write it today.

It is a very heavy scene between Catherine (main character) and her dad, it is some raw emotions coming out and it is draining me to write about it. I feel so tired, the last 15 minutes of my last one hour writing session I mostly tried to fix the last paragraph but it just didn't take me where I wanted to go and at 17 I had to give up. I guess I can't expect wonders when I am so tired I could sleep.

If I write those last 400 today I better do so when a bit more perky. Nonetheless I have reached 2156 words today so I am pretty proud of myself. I need to remind my competitive side that it's about the story not the goals like getting a 25k badge.

23:49 edit: I made it! 25k today! I felt a bit inspired after 23 and had to fix that paragraph up and then it just ran out of me, it was just what that scene needed. It feels great, not just because I am at the half way point but to have finally been able to nail that scene properly. I wrote 2638 words today which leaves me at 25 138 words. Crazy.

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