Thursday, October 02, 2014

Buy in my shop and donate to breast cancer

I decided this year that I wanted to do something special for October, the breast cancer awareness month, so I came up with an idea of donating some of my earnings.

Cancer, whatever form, is a shitty disease. I had an uncle who died because of cancer and I have a friend who is fighting cancer right now. This is my way of doing something and I have chosen to focus on breast cancer.

Now, I know both genders alike can get breast cancer but in 2008 for a breast cancer awareness photo contest I wrote down a small trail of thoughts which I'd like to share with you:
"When I saw the contest I started to think what breast cancer is for me. How would I react on getting the news. Probably I would be more religious (find a god?) and my first thought would be that I don't want to loose my breasts. Because without my breasts I would feel like a tiny, short boy before puberty. Or maybe as a drag queen that tries to be a woman but doesn't really make it to the line. I usually don't think about my breasts but for once I did and realised that they're a part of who you are when you're a woman. Clothes are sown accordingly, cleavages are made, bras being bought... It's like a whole world.

So, who would I be without them?

Then my mind took me one step longer. Life. Even if it would mean loosing my breasts I want to live and would do anything to do so... half, one, both, whatever it takes. But I hope science soon will come to a break through in breast cancer. And if my mum, step-mum, friends or even I get the news don't need to worry about our identity as a woman, about life... just get help to recover."
It might be a bit shallow thoughts and I have expanded on the thoughts during many Octobers in my head but that was the first time I truly thought about how it would feel for me to get the news and I am hoping and wishing that I and no one I know need to ever get the news. I hope that one day breast cancer, cancer overall, will be a non-issue - and easy curable.

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