Tuesday, April 01, 2014

A view on March from my instagram

Since March was my first real productive month on instagram I decided to make a blog post sharing a bit of this last month. You can find me on instagram as petitecaja.

I managed to do the laundry on my own in the scary basement for the first time in years and my Martha Stewart month (you'll understand later) started with home made cocoa (2dl cocoa+2dl sugar) which looked pretty with the jar with mini marshmallows which I made from an old jar and a piece of cloth.

I celebrated my birthday on March 6th. I had the day before bought red velvet cupcakes with vanilla topping. My cupcake store was closed last year (spring break) so the owner was so kind to give me an extra cupcake for b-day! I loved them both.

I spoiled myself on my birthday. Among other things I walked in a really old cemetery which I've been curious about for quite some time (I love old cemeteries with tons of history). Spring was in full bloom in there.

The weather was quite good for the most part during March and I walked a lot. Sadly though all the bushes by my house was cut down due to the window change so all the budding flowers will be no more, I captured one for infinity.

I had a quite creative month but not in my usual design style but with perler beads, it all started with the fix idea of making a hair piece with perler beads, one among the first you can see in picture to the left and then it just expanded.

I baked my first and second bread ever ever. First one was ok, the second was better (I used rolled oats in this one) and as I write this my third ever bread is cooling in the kitchen!

I found some microfibre cloths in rainbow colours which I just had to snatch up, it was wrapped in a rainbow ribbon which I found good use to.

Toward the end of the month I was still creating with perler beads. I have exciting plans for the ones on the left but the parts for it hasn't arrived yet (will show you when finished) and the one to the right was just a spur of the moment creation which I have no idea what to do with.

As usual I also turned off the lights for an hour for Earth Hour on the last Saturday of the month, been so many years now that I don't know when I started, it's a tradition in my household now.

To finish off the month is my first omelette ever and the first time eating eggs since like 5 years back which I indulged in on the last day of March. Not the sexiest omelette on the planet but delicious anyway.

What did you do in March?

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