Friday, March 16, 2012

Some must have lamps on Etsy

I've been on the scout for a new bedroom lamp since the one I have doesn't cut it. In my scouting I've found some lovely lamps on Etsy that just screams for a new home, maybe yours?

Lamp to die for [link]
This is a lamp that could go anywhere in your home depending on how you've decorated it. If it would be mine I would definitely have it either in the living room or the bed room!

Lace lamp [link]
Same seller as above and this is just lovely. I like how it gives a bit of old style but in this modern globe style, which can be bought anywhere in all kinds of colours BUT this really is a new twist of this lamp style :)

Gold lamps [link]
A more modern over the counter or maybe even in the corner ornamental lamps in brass with a low carat gold on top. If you're looking for an attention piece to style your room around then you've found it. I suggest looking at the other photos the seller has to get an idea of how it looks.

Colourful lamp [link]
I simply love the look of this lamp, it reminds of the Babushka-dolls. It has a lovely glow and it's made out of beads(!). It's a lovely decorate lamp, specially in a more alternative home.

Wind chime lamp [link]
For lovers of wind chimes out there, this is the lamp for you. If it wasn't for not having enough space it would be sold already and hanging in my home. Just gorgeous. I highly recommend looking through this seller's shop for other lamps made of jars.

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