Monday, March 05, 2012

Monday baby

I had the most eventful Monday morning... not. I was at the dentist at 8am fixing one of my teeth which have been bothering me for ages, couldn't even eat on it. Me and Gostomte went to IKEA for breakfast afterwards and I can proudly say: I can eat and drink without it hurting!

When we finished our breakfast which was silly cheap, specially considering the fact that we were discussing to eat at Hilton which takes more for a breakfast than some more expensive restaurants take for dinner, we went to Biltema.*

I've been wanting a pair of rubber boots for quite some time now since my former festival boots couldn't be repaired anymore and had to be thrown away. I found the perfect pair at Biltema of all places!

click on the image to find the original source

* The male dream, directly translated it's "Car theme"

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