Thursday, March 08, 2012

International Women's Day

Today is as the title suggest a day to celebrate women. Some say we do that every day and some say we don't have to. Good for you but I'm making the decision to do so.

Since my day mostly goes to cleaning and to turn the cleaning robot on and off I've decided to highlight some women I look up:

From wikipedia
Marilyn Monroe, 1926-1962 (36 yo)
I can honestly say that I have probably not seen a single movie, I have a faint memory of one from when I was pretty young but I don't count that one but I look up to her for what she was able to do. Most people see her as an object, I see her as an intelligent woman because you cannot go that far and becoming an icon without having something between your ears. She also struggled with both her own background and diseases but still managed to be such a big star and inspiration to many people, that is why I look up to her.

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Marie Antoinette, 1755-1793 (38 yo)
Now you probably think: "really, her?" but yes her. It couldn't had been easy to leave everything (clothes, puppets, dogs, memories, everything) behind as a 14 year old girl to come to a new country and their customs and to be betrothed to someone who were shy, not King-material and more interested in locks than producing heirs.  As a queen your number one duty was to produce heirs and it's the queen's fault if they're not produced. It's a lot of pressure on a young princess. He couldn't rule the country since he wasn't prepped to be king, he wasn't supposed to be until his older brothers' died and she wasn't prepared either as the second youngest child since she barely had a proper education at all. I think things would had gone much different if she had had a proper king by her side. She was a great party planner though (which I admire).

From wikipedia
Queen Elizabeth I, 1533-1603 (70 yo)
There really isn't much to say, under her rule England had its Golden Age because everything flourished. She stood on her own without a husband, she was married to her country and her people were her children. During her rule it was peaceful instead of during the years of her father (who had 6 wives) and her older sister: Bloody Mary. She was truly a strong and intelligent woman.

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Photo: Jacob Forsell
Marianne Greenwood, 1916-2006 (90 yo)
Most people haven't heard of her but she's a photographer from Northern Sweden and she have travelled and met tribes you've barely heard of. She have been friends with Picasso and lots of other famous people and she was genuine and true. Look her up. I admire her skills and how courageous she was and her outlook on life.

From wikipedia
photo: Htoo Tay Zar
Aung San Suu Kyi, 1945-
The rightful leader of Burma who's been in house arrest since 1989 but finally was freed 2010. During those years she's been in and out of house arrest. She was awarded Nobel peace prize 1991. She couldn't even be by her husband's side when he died in cancer 1999 after struggling since 1997. Even when an american swam to her house it was considered that she had violated the rules and they prolonged her sentence which was soon over with an extra year. She have never waived in her beliefs of a peaceful Burma where there wouldn't be any political prisoners. The movie The lady is about her.

From wikipedia
Barbro Bang Alving, 1909-1987 (78 yo)
Swedish journalist who went under the pseudonym Bang. She started as a journalist 1928 (note that women got the right to vote 1921 in Sweden) and she reported from the Olympics in Berlin 1936, the Spanish civil war and much other things. She travelled the world and during the 1950's she worked against the Sweden government obtaining nuclear weapons. I think this is pretty badass for a woman during those times when most women was chained to the stove.

From wikipedia
Queen Catherine II the great, 1729-1796 (67 yo)
The Russian answer to Queen Elizabeth I. She's the longest reigning queen in their history, from 1762 when her husband died until her death 1796 and during her rule the country flourished. Russia was stronger than ever and was recognized as one of the great powers of Europe. I admire her for the same reason as Elizabeth.

From wikipedia
Ingrid Bergman, 1915-1982 (67 yo)
Swedish actress who made it big in Hollywood. I can't say much about her but during a time when Hollywood remade people and made them far from who they were and pretty much owned them she stood tall and was genuine and sweet. She kept herself real and true to herself. I've heard (unsure if it's true) that when she was to meet the press for the first time they fixed her hair, put on makeup and everything but before she was walking out she took a glance in the mirror and she couldn't recognize herself so she wiped it all off, took down the hair and put on some lipstick and walked out to meet the press. It is known though that she didn't need to modify her looks despite suggestions to do so. I think she was amazing.

From wikipedia
Hatshepsut, 1508-1458 B.C. (50 yo)
She one of the most successful pharaohs of all time. It has been said she ruled for approximately 20 years, she co-reigned with her step-son Thutmose III. She was successful in warfare early during her reign but mostly during her rule it was peace, she re-established trading relationships and brought great wealth to Egypt. Because of that she could start building projects that raised the Egyptian architecture to a standard.

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