Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I miss Italy

I went on a trip to Italy some years ago (2004) on a youth exchange. It means that a group of youths from a couple of participating countries, in this case Sweden, Italy, Northern Ireland and Spain, meet and spend some adventurous time in one of the countries. Each country had 10 youths and two leaders and we were there for two weeks.

It was amazing. It was my first time outside of the Nordic countries and I had just turned 17 that spring. It was my first time flying. I grew so much from that experience. 

I simply fell in love with Italy: the people, the heat, the culture, the environment and have been wanting to go back for years. I'm planning this year to try and visit Venice and its surroundings while me and my best friend go on our Europe trip :) Fingers crossed!

When I was there 2004 we lived right outside a small town called Pordenone (so beautiful) and visited wonderful places like the mountains behind it (I promise, it's paradise), Trieste, Miramare and of course Venice which lies one hour away from Pordenone. 

I wouldn't mind becoming a solitaire creator of arts (in all shapes) somewhere up those mountains near Pordenone. Even if we might not go there this time, I'm going up those mountains again to the freezing cold lake and the little cheese store in nowhere <3 I hope it will be as stunning and magical as I remember it.

If you ever get the chance to go on an exchange or backpack or anything of the sort, just do it, don't think, just do and you will grow a million light years from it.

Explore. Dream. Discover. 

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