Here you can find interviews and other such things about me.

July 2015 - won Camp NaNoWriMo
It's almost like NaNoWriMo but you are grouped in cabins with up to 12 writing buddies and you can set your goal anywhere from 10 000 words to infinity. I set 15 000 and won with 20 744 words.

November 2014 - won NaNoWriMo
In short National Novel Writing Month is about writing a novel of 50 000 words and if you do you win. In 2014 I joined in for the first time and I wrote 50 043 words.

September 2011 - Advanced Photoshop, issue 86
The mentor program I came up with, founded and still take care of on ShadowNESS have been mentioned in 'Advanced photoshop' issue 86 where they interview Meng To (founder of SN). I'm mentioned as 'overseeing' staff member.

June 2011 - Bachelor in cultural sciences with specialisation in culture administration from Lund University, Sweden.

June 2011 - Bachelor's thesis (abstract and summary)
Title: Why online volunteer? – A qualitative study about motivations to engage and work for free at an art-oriented online community

25 June 2011 - Getting Personal with the Staff #8- Caja
Interview by leiko.

12 May 2011 - Devious Minds: petrova
Interview by Purpelblur  

12 April 2011 - in Inspired Appreciation [Edition VI]
"Caja is an amazing person who I've really gotten to know well recently. She's has such a positive presence; on deviantART, on other sites (shadowness), and just in my life. <3 I don't think words can really describe how much she means to me -- I love her to death and she's just such an inspiration to me. <3" by Hiddendelights 

1 January 2011 - awarded `Seniority at deviantART
"So what does it take to become a Senior? That's a question many have asked and have never really been able to get a straight answer on. Some have gained Seniority as a thank you for their time spent as a Volunteer, or to recognise their contribution to a particular project or collaborative action. Some have gained Seniority because of their community spirit, providing help and assistance to many other deviants and taking time out to promote the work of others in the community. Some people have received Seniority because of their artistic endevours, having a positive influence on their peers by sharing resources, providing constructive criticism and by being a voice that stands out above the many others who deviate to be recognised in the crowd."


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