Friday, January 12, 2018

The Culture List

Last movie I got excited about:
A wrinkle in time!! Can't wait to see it in cinema. At first it would hit the theatres here at 9th of March which would be my B-day week (yes I celebrate a full week, live with it) but nope they moved it to 6th of April instead (nooooes).

Last book I read:
Still reading but on the home stretch by now: Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

Last series I marathon watched:

Sleepy Hollow could fit the bill since I did see season 4 in a couple of days but the one that truly fit is Travelers season 2 which I saw in one day.

Last song I listened on repeat:
Hm... it must be either Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift or Silver Night by The Rasmus, probably the first one since I was addicted for a while there and listened to it over and over again.

Last performance you saw:
The play The Arrival based on Shaun Tan's book. It was amazing, I love how they made the scene and all the creatures, so imaginative!

Last restaurant you visited and ate at:
Cyrano, a pizzeria. A lunch with my mum on her birthday, I ate the one and only vegan pizza they have.

Three places I want to recommend:
Uuh no clue.

List snatched from Swedish bloggers Sandra Beijer and Elsa Billgren.

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