Wednesday, November 08, 2017

NaNoWriMo day 8

As I was writing during my first session today I, for some reason, thought I was behind and needed 30 min extra to make it work. It wasn't until late when I double checked my skype convo with a friend about that I realised that I had basically written exactly one hour. How the mind can trick you when it goes a little slow.

Second session went better but I had hoped to get more words than but I just couldn't decide what to write next. I tried a few times but nothing felt right so I decided it was better to leave that until tomorrow. Hopefully before then I can figure out how this group assignment I've created in my story has any meaning to anything xD I'm not hopeful though, I just hope I can come up with what to write next.

First day it felt slower than usual when I wrote, more of a syrup feel. :/ Thus not much extra today.

Day 8: 2 039 words
Total word count: 21 182 words
Target, day 8: 13 333 words

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