Tuesday, November 07, 2017

NaNoWriMo day 7

First session went so good that I got a little extra in the word count. The second session went so-so, it hit the mark but I deleted and rewrote a couple of times and added like 10 minutes extra to the session to get over 2k.

Second session was tougher in general, I had to deal with my character not doing well. She was in hospital and other fun stuff so it kind of sucked me dry. I also, myself, wasn't on the top of my game as I sat down to write so with that in mind I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

Tomorrow it's kind of unknown territory again, this part of the story is heavily unplanned. I have some threads to pull but in general I have no clue what will happen...

Day 7: 2 258 words
Total word count: 19 143 words
Target, day 7: 11 666 words

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