Monday, November 06, 2017

NaNoWriMo day 6

First day of what's usually a pretty tough week: second week. It hasn't hit me yet though and so far I have a plan forward and with enough luck it might cover this whole week (doubtful). My character is celebrating Christmas when I left her, not as fun as it sounds unfortunately.

My two sessions went pretty well today. One I prolonged since I needed to do some research as I was writing it but other than that I kept within my time frame :)

I wish however there were a badge somewhere between 10k and 25k, it's a pretty big jump all of the sudden when you had 5k before in between. There need to be more goal badges!

NaNo thinks I will finish by the 18th, I think that's very optimistic since I haven't been able to finish earlier than 21st before and then I wrote a lot of both at beginning and end. We'll see.

I wouldn't mind though if I could finish earlier than planned. It does however think my average per day is 2 814 words which is flawed, that's only because of the 5k+ on the first day. I'm sure when it evens out that it will give another end date.

Day 6: 2 371 words
Total word count: 16 885 words
Target, day 6: 10 000 words

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