Sunday, November 05, 2017

NaNoWriMo day 5

Done for today, boom! Plans for the rest of the evening: Stranger things 2. I have forced myself not to watch another episode until I had my 2k, it's pretty good motivation considering every episode ends with a cliffhanger.

Managed to keep it within the two hours today AND get some extra. Feels great. I have to remind myself though that's it's so far only day 5 and lots and lots of days are left. Lots of days for it to be like pulling teeth.

I have currently a whole storyline about hair colour ongoing. Unsure if this has any bearing whatsoever on the story, except to give a view of how my main character looks like (though that you don't get until arc 2... ehrm).

Wrote approx 1,5k the second round which is nice. You have to take the chances you get to get those extra words in. If it's a good session and you have time left and already reached the daily goal - continue anyway. It will be good to have on the days you can barely write 200 words, let alone 2000 words.

Day 5: 2 252 words*
Total word count: 14 514 words*
Target, day 5: 8 333 words

*I love it when it falls on numbers like that.

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