Saturday, November 04, 2017

NaNoWriMo day 4

I just sat for 40 minutes trying to fix the last I wrote, I wasn't feeling it and it said things I didn't want it to say - not yet (not ever?). I ended up deleting stuff which meant I fell below the number I had given on NaNo website so I tried to figure out what to write to get the number up again... that's what unfortunately took so long (the deleting took seconds) and I'm still not entirely ok with that whole passage, if I want that to happen.

I wrote a little extra on the first session today: 1178 words, which I'm really happy with. I wrote the full hour. Second I managed the 1k+ in an hour too, if I had not deleted stuff right after.

I feel like I'm mostly rambling in the story now. I don't know what my character is supposed to write about while she's supposed to write kind of often so I ramble on about meaningless stuff just to fill it out. Urgh.

I think I'm too stressed about everything I need to do to actually enjoy writing this November. It's a bad plan to write while moving date is closing and some other less fun deadlines. I just look at the numbers, so I can reach 50k, but I don't give the text any substance or direction.

Day 4: 2 220 words (to be fair, it's more now, but I go by the number I already put in on NaNo)
Total word count: 12 262 words
Target, day 5: 6 666 words

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