Friday, November 03, 2017

NaNoWriMo day 3 [hitting 10k]

I needed 2,6k today to reach 10k which I really wanted. So my first session I wrote 15-20 minutes extra which gave, if I remember correctly, 300 extra words. The second session I continued longer too since I felt I was way too close to 10k to wait until tomorrow.

I should keep better track of what I write each session but I think I had around 8,6k (total) after first one so I just needed 1,4k more. I pulled it off so 10k today! I just needed to write another letter on almost 400 words to make it, though it made me tear up a bit for a while :(

After this I should stop rushing. I always say NaNoWriMo is won by the turtle not the hare and that has so far all the years before worked for me. So after this it's 2k a day! I am sure I will make it anyway with the bonus words I have so far.

I'm a little stressed since I'm moving on the 25th and don't know how much writing I will get in the last days. Last year I got 50k on the 21st due to some extra writing so I'm hoping I will manage the same this year, which is stressing me a bit.

Day 3: 2 739 words
Total word count: 10 042 words
Target day 3: 5000 words

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