Sunday, November 12, 2017

NaNoWriMo day 11 and 12

Didn't write an update yesterday, was too tired since I had a cold coming over me (hopefully the worst passed this morning) but it went so-so yesterday if I remember correctly, except session 2 where the words were flying out. I know at least I got extra words in there, like 700+ but fluff brain over here has no attention span or memory so can't say much about it.

Today it took me first 2 hours to write first 1k and 1h to write the second 1,2k. I say I'm happy with that considering I woke up today with fever, sinus + body ache and runny nose.

It feels like I have a brain half full of snot, so really not the best day for writing. It also shows in the quality of what I wrote. It's like I get what I wanted to say but I'm not really getting there, not finding how I should go about saying it.

So everything between "Apparently, shit face and Theodore are friends." and "Unsure if she believed me. Don't care though." is just me pushing through despite the cold. xD Not much of a masterpiece there ;)

Let's just hope I have a better attention span and memory tomorrow, because I need to get the story back on track I feel. I did however at least have a good eye on the time today, always something.

Day 11: 2 746 words
Total word count: 28 338 words
Target, day 11: 18 333 words

Day 12: 2 221 words
Total word count: 30 559 words
Target, day 12: 20 000 words

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